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"I  just wanted to let you know that when I ordered your system I was very skeptical.  My oldest son has Central
Auditory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia, and some other small learning disabilities.  You wouldn't know it if you met
him though.  He is an awesome kid, athletic, hard working and has a huge heart.  It has been a struggle for him to
do a lot of academic things because of his LD's....but the benefit of homeschooling is that we can keep trying
different things until we find something that works.  Well.....Times Tales works !!!!  I thought yesterday was going
to be another frustrating day with trying to learn the times tables.  We have tried so many different methods to no
When we started your program, I got the "this is baby stuff, I don't want to do this" etc.  I told him to give it an hour
and he would be done for the day.  Well, within about 30 minutes he was laughing and so proud.....I don't think he
could believe that he was actually able to do the math!! We had to call dad at work so he could tell him about it
and still last night at bedtime he was asking me to ask him questions so he could answer them.  This is HUGE for
us. I can't wait to work on it some more today.  I just wanted to say Thanks from the bottom of my heart.  This was
such an awesome experience for us and especially for him.  Thank you for giving my son (and my family)
something to smile about.  I can't tell you how good it feels to see him succeed...he works so hard.

Blessings !!
Sherry T. in Va

"Okay, add me to your list of amazed parents!!!!  What a program!!  Great for children with dyslexia! When we
started my  8 yr old (dyslexic) son couldn't do any of the multiplication problems, and my 10 yr old (dyslexic/ADD)
son could only answer the 9x9 multiplication problem from memory.  I worked with each son for about 20 minutes
the first day.  It took another 20 minutes, on the second day, to complete the program and they both had it down
pat.  Both scored 100 on their test!

A very satisfied customer,

"Oh My Gosh, Thank you a million times over - NO wait! Make that a million times 6, 7, 8, and 9!! :-)

I am going to paste and copy an email that I sent to the TS Alliance list serve. Which is a very large national and
international group of parents with children with a rare genetic disease called Tuberous Sclerosis. I explained just
what your program did for my child. I sure hope anyone struggling like we have gets a copy for themselves.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I sure wish you would come out with some more learning tools. This is
absolutely the best!!! Here was my email to the TS Alliance list serve:

This is not TS related but I wanted to share this with any other frustrated parent of a 3rd or 4th grader (or any
age) struggling with multiplication and division facts. First off before Zack was tested for TS I thought surely he
had it because he has white spots on him similar to Megan's. He also has (2) brain cortical hematomas. He also
has a bi-cusped aortic valve (which the cardiologist told me had nothing to do with TS but I had convinced myself
that he may have had conditions while his heart was forming that caused his aortic valve to grow
abnormally-sounds crazy). Anyhow his test came back that he did not have TS. But this child has struggled
in Math so bad that I thought maybe he had some delays because for the life of me I couldn't understand why
three math teachers and two years of trying to teach them to him he just didn't get them. He could get the basic
0-5 and 10's and 11's since of course they were the easy ones.

Monday I ran across a home schooling website that had an advertisement for a program that stated it could teach
a child how to do the hardest multiplication facts (the 6's, 7's, 8's and 9's) and in fact could also teach them
division in less than 1 hour. These are exactly the ones Zack can't get. I thought they were crazy but for $16.95 I
decided to give it a whirl. I have sure spent more than that on books, tapes, multiplication rap video's (ha), flash
cards etc.. Well lo and behold I got the priority package today and started working with him after dinner around
7:30. By 8:35 he knew how to multiply and divide all of these higher digits. It uses a mnemonic story system to
help your child memorize the information. He was rattling them out faster than I could check his answers. It is a
great program and no I don't advertise for them. I am seriously thinking about going to my sons school and telling
our 3rd and 4th grade teachers and principal that this has done in 1 hour what we all couldn't do in 2 years of
hard work. They had moved Zack into the EIP class for math only because of not knowing is multiplication facts.

Thanks, Melissa
"If you have a visual learner Times Tales is
quick, easy, and painless for everyone involved. "

Our product has received literally hundreds of testimonies and reviews throughout the past
decade from bloggers, teachers and parents sharing their own personal stories about how
Times Tales worked- often times when other programs had failed.

One of the most memorable testimonies that we received was from a teacher who had a group
of dyslexic students leave for part of the time she taught the rest of the class math. After a few
weeks, she soon realized that the dyslexic group of students were scoring better on their
math, than her students that didn't have  learning disabilities. She asked the special ed teacher
what she was doing that made these students excel in math and discovered that they had
been taught Times Tales. Needless to say, the teacher soon after bought Times Tales for her
whole classroom.

There's many more wonderful testimonies singing the praises of how effective Times Tales is
at helping children memorize the most difficult times tables. Below is a sampling of just a few
of the reviews we have received on Amazon. Currently, Times Tales print version has  a 4.5
star rating and our DVD version has a 5 star Amazon rating.
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"You do have a superb product and I love the new DVD version!"

"I have been recommending Times Tales for years -- as a great
way for children with dyslexia to quickly memorize their
multiplication tables. If your kids are like most children with
dyslexia, they will learn those times tables in about 30 minutes."

~Susan Barton, Founder Bright Solutions for Dyslexia
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Lastest testimony:I learned of
it from a group on Facebook about
homeschooling kids with dyslexia.It
got rave reviews so I checked it
out.Upon checking it out I had my
daughter who will soon start
multiplication watch the video. By the
time the video was over she knew
her 9x tables and the smile on her
face said it all. Later I quizzed her
about it and she still remembered. I
became so excited all I could was
cry! My husband and I knew
immediately this was what was
needed for our girls.