How to get kids to clean their bedroom - chore chart.
Bedroom Cleaning chore chart for kids.
How to clean a messy bedroom for kids!
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Mini Bedroom Clean 'n' Flip- The most effective way to get kids to clean their rooms!

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  How do you get kids to clean their messy bedroom? You make it fun with the Mini-Bedroom Clean 'n' Flip (5" x 3" spiral bound). This   chore chart booklet  helps children clean their bedroom, independently and with ease. Step-by-step illustrations make it fun--simply, complete a task and flip to the next step. Children love knowing exactly what to do and enjoy the immediate sense of accomplishment as they complete each chore on the chart. Moms love knowing that "I'm done!" actually means the room is clean.

Review: I never thought I'd say this but, my son actually LIKES to clean his room now. I had no idea that he was just overwhelmed. Now that he has it all broken down in small steps, it's a breeze. 


    Mini-Bedroom Clean 'n' Flip

    Most children become overwhelmed when it comes to cleaning their room. Often, they simply don't know where to begin or even how to complete the task. The Mini Bedroom Cleaning for kids offers an easy step-by-step system to successfully complete the task with ease. Pictures make it easy for even pre-school aged children to follow along.

    The Bedroom Mini Clean 'n' Flip chore chart,  is one of the zones included in our full version, Zone Cleaning for Kids - which includes all areas of the house (kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom)

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